Tears of Chaos

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A summary of events to get us started

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This post is just going to be a brief(not so brief) summary of everything so far. For future sessions, we will detail the events a bit further. This will mainly be by memory as my usb stick is hooped. So please let me know if anything sounds incorrect.

The cart
Denwyr, Lysander, Dasroth, Azaelia, and Harban were given the task of delivering a very important cart to the city of Harrowdale. They are not told what the cart contains, but are explicitly told not to look under the cloth which is draped over the cart. Harban eventually looks within the cart and states that everything within seemed blurry/difficult to focus on, but he remembers what looked like a little girl and an old man.

The group travels as far as the town of Pullum before winter becomes too harsh for further travel. They remain in Pullum for several months, before deciding to leave again the day after the spring equinox.

On the night of the equinox Pullum is attacked by a band of orcs and the cart is stolen. The group decides to track the cart after defending Pullum, only to be led into the velarswood forest.

After several close calls with various creatures, including trolls, the group find themselves surrounded by drow. These drow bring the group to their leader, who explains that they are drow who still worship Elistraee and not Lolth. After some further negotiations the group are let go and they continue their search.

With some help from a dryad the group locates the cart being escorted by Harrowdalian soldiers. The soldiers were currently loading the cart onto a boat bound for Harrowdale. The soldiers state that they were sent to retrieve the cart and that the group was no longer needed. The group then decided to proceed to Harrowdale to ensure the cart made it there.

Upon arriving in Harrowdale, it is discovered that Pullum was attacked a second time, and this time they were unable to defend themselves. Many refugees are flooding into the city. The group seeks the Bergher who originally hired Harban to bring the cart to Harrowdale, but soon find out that he is dead and the Bergher Corellius is now in charge of that operation. The group speaks with Corellius who tells them that the cart has made it to Harrowdale securely and there was no reason to be alarmed. For the time being, Corellius was held at his word, and the group continued throughout the city to find out more information about what could have happened in Pullum.

During there stay at an inn the group is attacked by masked assailants. A strange halfling, Petros comes to the groups aid in fighting the men off, and reluctantly the group allows him to tag along.

During their time in Harrowdale, the group is abruptly pulled into a meeting of the Harrowdalian council regarding the head Bergher’s recent death and the events that have occurred in Pullum. The group is told that they have been pulled into this meeting as per Harrowdalian law. It is customary that if a Bergher is to be trialed for a crime, that impartial 3rd party witnesses are brought in to hear the trial and vote on a verdict. Both Corellius and the ship Bergher Gregore are accused of high treason. The group ends up voting that Corellius is in fact guilty, but Gregore was not.

After the group reveals to the council that deceased Scardalian soldiers wearing Harrowdalian armor were found in Velarswood, the council confirms that they believe Scardale is behind the recent death of the high Bergher, with Corellius’s aid. They put a vote forward to declare war on Scardale – the group votes in favor of war.

Once war is declared, the group is offered a job to spy on Scardale before Harrowdale’s army shows up. The group declines, but decides to head to Scardale by their own choice.

The group arrives in Scardale to find a city run by corrupt Scardalian soldiers and clerics of Bane from Zhentil keep. They meet with Harban’s associate Tiberius who lets them in on a secret which he promises will make them rich. He explains that the clerics of Bane are looking for a relic that has been lost in the cold fields. He doesn’t know what it is, but he knows they will pay a high price to have it, so he thinks that the group should retrieve it. The group agrees and heads to the cold fields.

Cold fields
Not able to see more than a few feet in front of themselves due to heavy fog, the group continues on through the cold fields. Soon, the group is lost and cannot find one another until Tiberius’ head is thrown at Denwyr’s feet. A few other wounds are taken from undead creatures, but the group eventually makes its way to a catacomb entrance.

While searching the catacombs the group come across a small boy whose soul is trapped in this place. He says his father and sister are gone and that he is bound to this place because of them.

The group soon discovers they are not the first to be in this place, and another group had arrived before them. It does not take long before this other group is found – a group of soldiers from Zhentil keep being lead by two clerics of bane. After already being exhausted from previous fights, a small fight is soon ended by the retreat of the Zhentarim soldiers into an adjoining room. The first part of riddle of the sword is also discovered in this place: “hail king Solakarr, for he is the end to the eternal darkness. When his blood returns to the throne, crown and scepter shall find their home. From this blood a sword shall rise, to dominate both souls and minds.”

A deal is struck between the group and the Zhents, stating that the Zhents will keep the group alive if they help them fight the creatures guarding the relic they seek. The creatures are defeated and the Zhents and group depart via boats which led them outside of the cold field.

Seeking to understand the riddle of the sword and seek further guidance, the decision is made to seek out Myth Drannor to gain the wisdom of the elves, but not before a visit to Pullum to see what could be done there. At this point Dasroth decides to head directly to the elves and would meet the group at Myth Drannor. Prior to their journey to Myth Drannor, the group decides to venture back to scardale to see if they can retrieve the crown from the group of Zhents.

The number of Zhentarim in the city had increased since the group was last here only a ten day before. Upon investigating, the group discovers that a man by the name of Kalstor Darkmourne is believed to be the heir to the Scardalian throne and claims to also be the rightful heir to Zhentil keep. The group learns that he was a soldier from Zhentil keep who had defected and taken those loyal to him to Scardale. They also learn that he seeks additional relics aside from the crown, to complete some kind of ritual to prove his right of blood.

While trying to discover more information regarding the remaining relics, the group comes across the group of Zhents who they had assisted in finding the crown. They formally learn their names: Dortrant Malskorn – Cleric of Bane, Gloria Heartbane – Cleric of Bane, Dusk – Zhentarim soldier, and Skurkarr the Dirk – black network initiate rogue.

After gaining little information, the group departs for Pullum.

Back to Pullum
Met by a strange traveler by the name of Krista, drawn to the group by Azaelias abilities, and a band of red fang orcs, the group was hard pressed to make their way to Pullum. The battle cost the lives of several party members: Petros, Lysander and Harban. The remainder of the group were also taken unconscious. The group was awoken to the sound of orc shamans resurrecting the deceased party members. After a fight with the shamans and the remaining orcs of pullum, 75% of pullum had been burnt to the ground and a newcomer had arrived to assist the group: Xenobia. In one final battle between a small band of red fang still remaining and a few members of the group, Denwyr and Lysander were slain.

Members of the elven court of Myth Drannor were guided to the group by Das who had come to Pullum due to the smoke billowing from it. The elves attempted to resurrect both Denwyr and Lysander, but for a reason unknown to the elves, only Denwyr was able to be brought back.

Dasroth explains that drow movement has increased in the area drastically as of late and that he and his companions could not remain for long as they had to continue their investigation. They soon departed from the group.

Cormanthor forest
The group headed north from Pullum with morale at an all time low. On their way, they were confronted by a man who was seeking drow in the area. He understood that there were supposed to be many drow in the Cormanthor forest and decided to venture with the group as a protector in case drow were found.

The group continued on into the Cormanthor forest when it is discovered that Petros has a gem containing the soul of the young boy from the catacombs, given to him by Gloria. This insights a heated argument in the group and Petros leaves the group in the night.

Late through the next day’s travel an old man who calls himself ‘forest’ is met. He seems aloof and strange, but shares a drink with the group and explains to them the location of a great evil in the forest that must be gotten rid of. It turns out that this great evil is potentially the scepter that Kalstor Darkmourn seeks, so the group decides to journey to where this item resides and promise to bring it back to Forest so that he can ‘rid the world of it’.

On their way, the group comes across the small lumber town of Essembra just in time for the greengrass festival. Celebrations are had, but a dispute in the town leads to the groups imprisonment and the hostile takeover of the town by bandits.

The group manage to escape and fend off the bandits who happen to be lead by an enemy from Denwyr, Lysander and Iauron’s past. Giving the two living members something to bond over.

Orc keep
After departing Essembra and traveling some distance towards the location of the evil item, the group comes across two wolf-like humanoids each leading a small army of goblins and kobolds against each other. After being nearly killed by one of the creatures, it strikes a bargain with the group stating that if they help him defeat his brother’s army and also retrieve an item from the nearby Redfang orc cavern, he would keep them alive and promise them any other treasures they find inside. The group reluctantly accepts, understanding that the item is the same one that both Kalstor and Forest seek.

The group assist the kobold army in slaying the goblins and continue on to the redfang cavern, where they are met by several royal guards. The group is quickly subdued and is held at the mercy of the guards. The guards explain that their king is dead and that they are guarding the entrance so that the creatures inside wont leave. But they explain that they will let the group enter the cavern as long as the group promises to retrieve their king’s corpse and kill all the creatures within.

The group enters the first level of the cavern and find that it is infested with spiders. After dispatching all spiders on the first level of the complex, the group descends further and come across a zombie-like drow elf. After dispatching of him and several of his comrades, it is discovered that each of the drow have strange holes in their skull.

Continuing their descent, the group comes across a small prison where Das was being held. He explains that his entire elven party had been captured, and they were taken one by one to never return. He and one of the elven clerics were the only ones that remained, but the last elf was only taken a few minutes before.

The group pursued the captured elf to find him being sacrificed in a ritual with many drow. The ritual seemed out of place however and all of the drow present had the same strange holes in their skulls.

Battle broke out, and it was discovered that the drow were being led by a mindflayer who was enhancing his powers with a strange scepter. Two other unlucky victims were taking part in the sacrifice as well and assisted the group in dispatching the mindflayer. They were Thorgrym, a Dwarven cleric and Lynus, a human rogue.

The group took the scepter and also found a dagger with strange runes. Unsure as to what they should do next, the group decided to continue on to Myth Drannor to seek the help of the elves there. Unfortunately, before they could depart, a party of Zhentarim soldiers flooded into the room where the battle with the drow had taken place, led by Dortrant, Gloria and Dusk.

Denwyr and Iauron managed to hide from the Zhentarim soldiers with the scepter within a small cove currently filled with spider webs. Xenobia reveals that she was in fact sent by Dortrant to retrieve the scepter and she is confused as to why they are here. They escort Xenobia, Thorgrym, Krista, Azaelia, Harban and Lynus to the entrance of the cave, revealing the slain orc royal guards. Xenobia again confronts Dortrant on why he is here. She tells him that she was unable to find the scepter in this place and that they must have had incorrect information. Gloria explains to Xenobia that they doubt her faith to Bane and believe that she is a turncoat, out to help the false leaders of Zhentil keep as opposed to Kalstor Darkmourne. Taking offence to her faith being questioned, Xenobia engages in combat with Gloria and the other Zhents. Many others rush into the fray including the other group members and Zhentilar soldiers. The group is soon outnumbered and both Harban and Krista are killed in the fight. Xenobia uses calm emotions to temporarily calm everyone down and manages to talk her way out of the situation. Dortrant and the other Zhents depart believing that perhaps Xenobia is not lying and are convinced she will continue her search.

Meanwhile Denwyr and Iauron manage to cut and burn their way into the spider webbed cove they were hidden in, enough to discover that it was in fact a tunnel. They follow the tunnel and find themselves chased by half drow spiders. They ran from the spiders and barely escaped, only to run into a group of Zhentilar soldiers at the exit of the cave outside. The soldiers quickly dispatch the spiders and try to take Denwyr and Iauron captive. Denwyr manages to cast a sound burst and an illusion which gives the pair enough time to run from the Zhents. They quickly outrun the soldiers and meet up with the remainder of the group.

The group moves quickly, trying to distance themselves from the Zhents and gain ground towards Myth Drannor. Forest soon appears and confronts the group stating that he knows they have the scepter and that they must give it to him as promised. The group does not agree to this and state that they are better suited to protect the scepter as they do not fully know Forest’s intentions. Forest explains that if he had the scepter, he would ensure it did not fall into the wrong hands. He poses a question to Denwyr: would he choose to protect the scepter over protecting his friends? Denwyr answers yes, he would rather sacrifice his friends if it means that Kalstor will not be able to use an evil artifact. Forest moves to take the scepter by force, when elves intervene, casting a spell which causes Forest to retreat.

Myth Drannor
The elves lead the group the Myth Drannor where they offer to assist the group in any way they can. The elves explain that the man the group calls Forest is an ancient magic user, but they are uncertain of his origins. The elves also explain that he brings a taint to the forest and they believe he brings a great evil with him as well.

The group asks for help with their two dead party members; Harban and Krista. The elves state that they may be able to save them, but because the group cannot pay or provide the material components to do so, the group must promise to kill Forest as soon as they can. The pact is agreed upon by Denwyr, who participates in the Resurrection ritual, helping to pull Krista and Harban from the fugue.


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