The Smuggler Rogue


Letters From A Frog 1

23°33’16" N
36°18’54" W

Mythra Silvertongue
9°29’31.8" N
36°40’6.3" W

Dear Auntie,

It’s been awhile since the last letter, I apologise. The smuggling business is booming! In fact, we just recently made dock in Scarsdale and were approached by a large armored fellow by the name of Naine…Maine….(?). His name escapes me at the moment. Anyways, We’ve been given the task of smuggling people into Zhentil Keep (I remembered that one!) for a pretty copper….or should I say gold? That’s right Auntie! you’re little frog prince is rolling in the coins now! I guess my reputation proceeds me harhar! he’s offered us a easy 100 gold pieces to smuggle people to a place we were already going to! could this have been anymore fortuitious? Mask must be watching our exploits.

As you already know we got a tip of the whereabouts of Ma’s ring up in Zhentil Keep, It’s going to get dangerous from there but I’m confident in the skills Uncle Elmo and Pa taught me wahaha! Well, I should cut this letter short seeing as how our employer will be here soon to introduce us to our new cargo.

I Love you Auntie and give my love to pa and uncle Elmo as well. I’ll get me ring back and be home for your homemade cooking soon enough. May Mask bring you fortune and luck wherever you go!

Oh one more thing. I’ll be signing these letter under my new alias from now on. you know, the one we talked about in the last letter you recieved. it’s been getting too sketchy and like you always use to say, “names have power and to know someones true name is to take away that power.”


Frogger Frog-Wax-Seal.jpg

Letters From A Frog 2

22°25’3.5" N
39°9’47.3" E

Mythra Silvertongue
9°29’31.8" N
36°40’6.3" W

Dear, Auntie

I was introduced to me Cargo and I must say it was quite the eclectic crew! They reminded me of the stories Pa use to tell me about you and the Renegades of Silvertongue.

First up we have this heavily armed lass donned in black armor, Xenobia. she had a sour look about her from the get go and a attitude to go with it. She doesn’t say much, just prays to her god. Being a religious fella me self I could pick up on that it was Bane she was praying to, but I could be wrong. As long as she ain’t praying for no ill will to me ship and crew, I’m fine with whatever god she prays to. Still would like to see a smile on her face once in awhile….maybe that’s just how the clerics of Bane are? I try not to judge, I understand business is business.

On top of that, the cleric brought her child aboard too. or maybe he stowed away? Not sure on those details. Don’t know much about the child, other than his name is Petros and he loves flinging gold coins at his mother. The only belongings on him (as far as I can tell) are a baggy hooded cloak and a….barrel of fish? odd kid, not sure what to think of the lad. he just sits atop of me cabin everyday, sometimes fishing with the others.

There was this other hefty looking mate as well. I could tell just by looking at him that he had seen some good fights! Armored with nothing but a worn and used breastplate, and armed with a shield and blade that had probably seen just as much use. The guy was scarred up almost as bad as Wheezy! ok maybe not as bad as Wheezy. He was pretty intimidating to look at but he was a warm fella once you got to know him. Kind of like Bangers, a terrifying armored threat but once you open up that metal shell of death there was an adorable stinky little warthog inside. He was really useful around the ship too, knew his way around a rope and helped out where he was needed without so much as a “could you please?”.

Then there’s this stylish Calimshadian, Harakim. Oh by Mask does he have class! foreign accent, traveler skin, well dressed…he even had the same red faded sash that I wear! I hope to be that worldly some day. He was most curious about the Silver Renegade and was bouncing about like a toddler in a sweet roll shop. He didn’t have any sea legs and was feeling sick so I tossed Harakim a potato for for his sickness (potatos always calm the nerves). I also offered him lessons on how to take the helm of the ship, you know just watch here and there and take the wheel (so I can take a nap more often). Pa would have got along with him for truth. I wonder if he likes cards?

OK. I’ve saved the best for last. Ok you ready for this? so, get this, a half-orc…just wait you’re gonna love this…a singing, literate, half-orc bard that was raised by elves. I know, I know. BOOM! mind blown. besides that, his name is Denwyr. I enjoy his tales and he’s quite good with a lute (you know how much I love me song and dance!) and I can sense a very kind, genuine spirit within him. I think you would really like him. Kobort, not so much wahaha! Oh, and he had met my informant Lionus apparently as well, of course we kept it on the
down low, but the word is that Lionus couldn’t find the ring either so he refunded the money I paid him, with a little extra compensation to boot. Honestly, I’m quite surprised Denwyr even gave me the sac and didn’t keep it for himself! I would have! HAR HAR!

It’s been a pretty uneventful trip so far, however we be heading towards the Flood Forest soon, which is known to be infested withbow-wielding trolls hidden within the mists there. two more days and we should reach it. I’m going to get Wheezy and Croaker to rig a bladed metal ram on the Bow of the ship so as to not get stuck on any damned trees. Last thing we need is to be stranded in that place. Once there I plan to sail through quietly and without much trouble, then we can sail onto the Moon Sea.

Sorry for the Long Letter Auntie, but there was a lot to say as you can tell! How is Pa? what about Uncle Elmo? When have you last seen Kobort? maybe you could send ME a letter one of these days, I know you have a extra planar dimensional owl familiar you know! Looks like i I gotta go, Croaker is bellowing at Wheezy again. probably thinks he cheated in cards again, which he does (I should know, I taught him how to!).
May Mask bring you and the Renegades even more
fortune and luck!


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Letters From A Frog 3

27°35’51.5" N
40°28’49.3" E

Mythra Silvertongue
9°29’31.8" N
36°40’6.3" W

Dear, Auntie

SHENANIGANS!! * sigh * so much for an easy job aye? where do I start? We arrived at the Flooded Forest where we were hit by a dense fog. Ain’t surprising, it’s known for that…and Trolls. we dimmed the lights and drifted along the river in hopes that we don’t draw to much attention to ourselves. There are other things in these woods after all. I had Wheezy tell the cargo to get under deck and wait there till we made it to the Moon Sea. I also made a note to tell Croaker to shut his Bellow hole for the rest of the way unless it was absolutely important.

Mask must have blessed us, because two days went by without any problems and not so much as a peep from Croaker. and you know the gods must be involved if Croaker stays quite. However it must have been a day of pranks for Mask because some bullshit went
down on me ship down below. There I was minding me own business when that little Petros lad runs up to me and says there might be trouble below deck. I had Wheezy take the helm and investigated. at first I thought it was a prank on me from the lad because all they were doing was reading some book. I was reminded of a story Spug told me about how books aren’t always “just a book”. I made sure there weren’t any devil summonings going on and was reassured. As I go to turn me back a fight breaks out betweeen the Cleric Lass and Bard!

Well, Uncle always said “don’t tolerate no Shenanigans, no way no how, you do what you need to in order to put a stop to it.” And that is just what I did!….at least I tried to….I must
have belted that she-beast at least 4 times on the noggin with me strongest hits and she wouldn’t go down! I called Wheezy and Croaker down to help. These two were going at it bad with eyes so black I swore they had got into wheezy’s stash. It took awhile but they snapped out of it, and when they did, we made sure to tie em’ up and seperate em.

They explained that there had been some sort of spell within the book, I believed them but I didn’t want to take any chances either. The weird kid took the book. I was thinking about taking the book and throwing it overboard but after a little persuasion from me new prisoners I decided to let him hang on to it. What the heck, the lad was starting to grow on me.

I decided to give those two a time out for a couple of days so I could mull over what to do next. I left Croaker in charge of guarding them and we would all take turns watching them. But Croaker is changing the pans. that’s final.

Hopefully things turn out better in a few days and we can get out of this place safely. I’ll write you again soon Auntie. take care and Let me know how everyone is doing, I’m curious
about Spugnoir and Blanc, what have they been getting themselves into lately?


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Letters From A Frog 4

28°53’55.1" N
41°5’45.2" E

Mythra Silvertongue
9°29’31.8" N
36°40’6.3" W

Dear, Auntie

I guess I should have known, there was no such thing as easy money, eh, Auntie? again two days go by smoothly and….CRASH! literally, CRASH! into some poorly parked ghost ship! and on top of it there some Elf girl crying for help on it! You know crying girls make me uncomfortable, I can’t deal with this! I’m tempted to make Croaker write this letter I’m so upset! Can Croaker even read? Hmm, topic for another day…but my ship! I interrogated the girl but all I could get out of her was her name being Zaana then the crying got too much for me. I ordered Croaker to untie the prisoners so we can get some more perspectives out there. I didn’t like it, mainly because Xenobia scared the shit out of me. Xenobia proceeded to interrogate the girl while I had Croaker and Wheezy investigate the ship.

Apparently the ship had been abandonded, exluding the elf girl. Xenobia over heard our conversation and wanted to investigate the ship herself. I agreed with her and we investigated the ship ourselves while the others dealt with our new guest.

The top of the deck was demolished and barren, as anyone could have seen, so I lit a torch and we went below deck to take a gander. Nothing. there was nothing on or in the ship. I mean, no people, no furniture, no supplies, no nothing. it was like a ghost ship. I was pretty confused and needed to think, clearly, there was no time to think….before I knew it, the insane lass had grabbed me torch and had begun to burn the ship down! What was her problem! Before she could tell me, I had already began running up to the top of the deck (I ain’t slow roasting with that crazy woman!). AS I opened the hatch I heard the all too familiar sound of battle, and do my ears decieve me? no, it was battle…that armor….could it be? I had no time to think there was a Ship burning behind me and a ship being attacked in front of me. what a day.

I surveyed me surroundings. Harakim, and The Elf girl were surrounded and looking in bad shape. two on each side. The bard appeared to be attempting to push two others off the ship, heh, clever, must have seen the needle teeth in the water looking for their next meal.
now as for the kid, I couldn’t believe me eyes. he was still atop me cabin but having some sort of magical duel with his enemy. a tiny mage on the ship? who knew. they were levitating and slinging magic of all sorts at one another, it was quite the sight to behold! as I wondered at the spectacle I heard a bellow from below deck but it wasn’t the usual jovial one I hear everyday, this one was of pain. Croaker. Wheezy. It was time to think fast and get to me crew, I will help who I can on the way but they were my priority.

I drew me bow and fired a shot at a chink in the armor of one of the people attacking the elf. before I could confirm the arrows aim was true, I had already begun unsheathing me blades and rolling in to me closest enemy which was set upon Harakim. I saw an opening and took it. The man didn’t even know what had hit him. I didn’t have time for the other, and I leapt over a blade that had nearly nicked me bottom as I ran past him.

I had made it below deck and saw that Wheezy was badly hurt and Croaker was trying to
hold his own against two more attackers. Well, I wasn’t going to let my first mate die
and my only pan boy/physician/swabbie go next. Again I examined the armor and found another weakness, this time in the neck. I slid my rapier through the back of his neck out his adams apple and shoved my sword into his temple using the leverage to snap his neck (as if he wasn’t dead enough). the other one didn’t have a chance now against Croaker and I. Croaker knocked him one good and I finished him off with both my blades through the gut.

Worried, I checked on Wheezy hoping for the best. Mask had been watching me friend cause he still breathed. I tossed Croaker a gold coin and said “I know I’m hard on you a lot of the time mate, but it’s because….well….it’s because you’re an idiot. take care of Wheezy I’m heading up deck.” Croaker grumbled something but he didn’t refuse.

as I came back up deck it appeared the enemy was beginning to fall like flies. especially the one Xenobia had been battle now. boy I tell you, if I wasn’t afraid of her before, Mask was I terrified of her now. The only thing I saw was a mace connecting to the fellows face and a puff of black and red smoke forming the symbol of a fist. If that guy wasn’t dead he was most definitely disfigured now.

Meanwhile I saw that Zaana had managed to steal away her attackers dagger and stabbed him repeatedly. Now what I saw at that moment will haunt my dreams for all these days.
she had taken his face and ripped it open with her bare hands….sorry I think I threw up a little in me mouth. just thinking about it makes me queesy. Great two insane
women that scared the ever livings out of me.

aside from that the two that had been pushed off the boat earlier had been trying to escape but the tiny magician wouldn’t have it! Petros hunted them down into the forest. He
had returned and let us know that one had been burnt to a crisp while the other managed to escape. Scary kid.

After the fight was over I checked on me mates. Wheezy was stable at least, and I thanked Croaker for his help. I came up deck to get the ship free before something else bad
happened only to come into a argument about how Zaana wanted to heal the disfigured fellow but Xenobia would not do it for it was against her own beliefs. I understand that, and
besides, he did kind of try to kill all of us with his pals a few moments ago. Denwyr couldn’t help himself though and ended up healing the bugger. I then heard a conversation about something along the lines of, “get my equipment and you can go free”? well whatever, that’s their business I guess. Next thing I know the disfigured fella had vanished in a puff of smoke handed Zaana some weapons and then POOF! he was gone again. this time for good.

I decided to examine the blades these mates were carrying and faintly, it was hard to see in fact but it was there, a coating of poison. I had notified Xenobia of this and the
rest of the ship was notified shortly afterward. Turns out, as Zana had informed us, the poison was slow acting agent called Cryxsis and could kill any one of us in a few days before a moments notice. I worried for Wheezy, I had to get the ship moving and onto Melvaunt as soon as possible. I asked Harbin if he could help me out and after we had exausted all ideas of how to get the ship out and around this other burning ship in our way, Harbin had decided to just huck the dead bodies at the ship. Wahaha! who’d a thought that would work!? well I guess Harbin did harhar! we chucked bodies at the burning ship making a game of it, seeing who could throw theirs the furthest. I tell yeah Auntie, I would have won cool 25 silver if it wasn’t for that last body spontaneously combusting in mid-air. You win some you lose some, aye?

Eventually we had the ship free and were finally on our way. Now we just have to make it through the Moon Sea alive and hope no one dies from poison on the way….

WHEW! sorry for the long one there Auntie! It was some scary shit for truth but I got to say I enjoyed it, and I’m beginning to really enjoy these peoples company. I’ll be keeping in touch soon, you know, so you know I ain’t dead of no lethal poison or nothing Wahaha!! Why am I laughing?


Frogger Frog-Wax-Seal.jpg

Letters From A Frog 5

34° 8’ 43.8282" N
43° 23’ 20.69" E

Mythra Silvertongue
9°29’31.8" N
36°40’6.3" W

Dear, Auntie

I fear the poison has set in and most of the crewa is dead. theees no hoep for me and i have one finaly wish….AH! just pullign yer leg Auntie!

were good, better than good! in fact I fear I may have the case of the drunk! wahaha! we have bene selebrating to Mask for three days cause hes sucha good guy bringin us all that lucks getting us on the Mooon Sea! if we stick north and ride along the coast we should be at Melvvautn within the day or so. i lvoe Mask…Ilvoe you Auntie! the crew has been getting along and Wheezy has mde a speedyy recovery, well sort of, i thikn hes too drunk to care now harhar! we’ve been singing and dancin and drinking to mask witha some help from my good friend Denny! he sure plays a means lute! Harry is dancin up a storm! literally! Almost got Xenobes to lighten up witha drink, i’ll crack her yet harhar! I got the boys singing some shanteis and teaching our bard a few new tunes! its GRAND!

wine-stain.jpg_sorry about that, i spilled some wine on that spot.

anyway, the grandest ting ahappned to us! there was this big storm you see, right, and Croaker was all liek “Capin! theres a storm!” and I was all “WOO PARTY! Mask is with us!” and just then the msot rarest thing you could see out on the sea appears right under me own boat! ship. its a ship a boat fits ona ship. but I digress… we are lifted up by a monstrus shell! thatss rigt Auntie a frickin Dragon Turtle!!!

woah I’m dizzy Ima go pass out now auntie thanks for being my mom and stuff when I needed you and uncle elmo and pa and…………..

Looks like I passed out mid letter last night. this letter is embarassing as hell….ah what the hey, it’s pretty entertaining. whoo what a party. oooooh me head is killin me though.



Letters From A Frog 6

33° 34’ 27" N
44° 50’ 51.33" E

Mythra Silvertongue
9°29’31.8" N
36°40’6.3" W

Dear, Auntie

Well, we made it to Melvaunt without too much hassle and nobody died from poison…So that’s a plus! Once we arrived I needed to do some shopping in town in order to get this crew of misfits into Zhentil Keep (including me-self) so I rounded up a little “shopping list” and Croaker, to help carry the heavy load. I did the usually bargaining at the docks and paid of the man asking the questions as to not draw any attention to ourselves. Went by the name of “Mr. Jack”, don’t know why, just the first thing that popped into me head I guess.

I gotta tell ya Auntie that place was more fortified than Croakers virginity! The walls were higher than I could have imagined and the gates were heavily guarded with troops. Croaker and I got in without a problem though. After we were in and headed to the grocery, we were immediately stopped by quite the crowd. I mean, the city was bustling, that was a given, but there was clearly something going on here. So we had a gander. There appeared to be some heavy duty cargo being shipped into the city by those fellas I’ve possibly been looking for, the grocery list had to wait. Croaker and I tailed the cargo back to a warehouse, which of course, was heavily guarded….It was time for some improvising. I sent Croaker back to the ship with a few coin to check on the crew in case they couldn’t get in for some reason, then notified him to come back and meet me outside the warehouse when he was done.

I think it was one of my better disguises thats for truth! I walked right on up to those guards used my best southern accent and told me I was a inspector, there to make sure nothing has been tampered with. It was quick thinking on my part (as usual) because when they asked the name of the commander in charge of sending me I somehow picked a solid name….ok it was a goofy name and I was nervous alright!? Commander Condor is what I said….I know, I’m ashamed too. Anyway, my amazing stylish accent must have confused them cause they heard something else and I went with it. In I went.

There I was in this warehouse looking for the goods, and I realized that most of these goods, in fact, were probably things I had shipped me-self! I found the cargo I was looking for and inspected (like inspectors do), and upon further inspection (hehe) it they were……well I don’t really know, but there was blood all over me fingers so I assumed it was chopped up body parts. I needed to know, what was in there, it could make getting into that Keep easier than easy if I did. I asked to meet with the guys in charge of that cargo and was taken deep down below ground to a black market tavern where the fella(s) I was looking for were having a few drinks. My excuse was to let them know that the specific cargo had been tampered with and showed them the blood on me fingers. The man checked the cargo while I spoke with his associate in order to divulge some information, and the best way to do that with anyone is to get them stinkin’ drunk! There was a gorgeous slave girl serving us some incredible wine (best I’ve ever had, 100gp a bottle) and after a few more drinks he got talking. Turns out the goods are pretty much what I had expected, however they were magical reagants for wizards in the Keep or some other. Well, I got what I came for and left to go meet up with Croaker.

That gods damned Croaker….I should have known he would have spent that gold on booze….he came back alright, but I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I smacked him up backside his head and asked where the crew was and where he had been. I didn’t believe a word he said, he was drunk as shit (so was I but at least I was working harhar!). The crew was apparently gone, just then, we heard bells clanging and echoing throughout town. Now, I know I should have went back to the ship to check on the crew but…..between a little coaxing from Croaker, my natural curiosity, and being half cut, I went to go check it out instead.

Croaker had taken me to the Coliseum, I think I knew where he had been…..I smacked him again and we went on in after a quick silver was dropped. The announcer had begun, and there was to be an event going on with some special guest and a dire lion. Oh man, that was exciting! I even got the crowd chanting “lion! lion!” when the contender came out! Unfortunately…..the contender was Harakim. Yup. My plans are in the shitter now. I told Croaker to go get Wheezy while I thought of something. Well first thing is, I knew lions don’t like fire. Most beasts don’t. Hell, I don’t. Second things was, Harakim needed a distraction in order to get the hell out of there. I found a nice dark corner of the stadium and took my winter blanket from my bag, tore off a few pieces, wrapped them around heads of a few arrows and proceeded to light them on fire with my flint & steel. I figured if I could hit the announcer and have him tumble into the pit that would deal with both my distraction and scare tactics in one go. I loosed me arrow…Nailed him! he was tumbling and running in flames all over the place down there, but it wasn’t distraction enough. The crowd actually thought it part of the show! I loosed two more arrows, first into the crowd across from me Igniting another person on fire and the second one beside me through the crowd. That did it. The crowd was panicking and even a few caught on fire! The lion was confused and distracted, the flames grew even higher on the announcer weirdly enough. guess he was highly flammable. I whistled at Harakim but he couldn’t hear me over the commotion of the crowd, fortunately enough he had been able to escape back into the door from which he came. I needed to get out of there….again some real great…..quick….thinking. oh man, you aren’t going to like this Auntie…..I lit my arm on fire and rand out the door. yeah, I know. there is definitely going to be some scarring, but I did make out of there without any one being suspicious of me! Croaker again was not there….gods I swear I will cut out his shoulder and cauterize a dead parrot to it if he doesn’t smarten up.

I was about to head back to the ship when I saw the crew, all heading out of that coliseum like a bat out of hell! Mask! there were all going to fight in the Arena! I tailed them back to the ship in case some trouble brewed on the way back, so I could help out from afar.

Well Auntie, I sure gave them a good tongue-lashing. Turns out they had attempted to sneak into the city by pickpocketing a merchants documents, then sending Harakim to pose as said Merchant, then failed miserably at getting into the city where they were then escorted to the captain of the guard whom had sentenced them all to death in the Coliseum. Why didn’t they just bribe the guards? or use the poison as a excuse or even Wheezy being injured? or mention Mr. Jack? I was sure someone heard that conversation, I was in front of the ship talking to that man. During their attempt to escape the Coliseum Denwyr had been poisoned badly by some sort of trapped door aswell. I was reminded of the poison that EVERYBODY was dying from, but I didn’t tell them that I forgot to go get an antidote. oops.

I took Croaker and headed back into town to finish the shopping, one of the items was a bit unusual and I had to get a beggar to shave….you know what, you don’t need to know. lets just say I acquired a “fake mustache” for disguise sake. I had Croaker carry all the heavy loads back to the sihp and I was off to get some antidote for that poison. This guy was a hard bargainer for truth! he had the antidote all right, but he was robbing me for 75 gold pieces! now way I was going to pay that outrageous price, if anything I could attempt to get them to Zhentil Keep and they could die there where my reputation would still be held for finishing a job. I couldn’t in good conscious just let a bunch of people die for no reason though….It’s just not me way. I bartered with the shopkeep but it he wouldn’t go down. I left and now was as good a time as any to try out my new disguise. I put on the fake mustache headed back in pretending as though I were another person, proceeding to bargain with him. the price lowered but not by much. one more try. I left and this time tried my luck with the mustache on my eyebrows. It was genius! He actually had thought I was his brother from across the street! Mask would be proud. Alas not even his own blood he would lower the price, I did get him to barter down by 50 gold pieces though! I think Pa would be very proud of me.

Once back to the ship with all the goods, I had immediately distributed the antidote to everybody trying to make it an even ammount, I did give more to Denwyr and Wheezy though seeing as how they both had it the worst.

Well, tomorrow we will finish our business, and pick up the last of supplies for anybody that needs it, seeing as how they are all banished from the city. Curious thing though….where was petros? I hadn’t seen the lad all day, I hope he’s alright.

Write to you soon Auntie, I’m going to take a nap and hope to Mask that antidote works.


Frogger Frog-Wax-Seal.jpg


From the southwestern part of the world in a place known as Cormyr, Frogger (Not his birth name) is a human born to a wealthy family by his mother Fiona and his father Furnok.

His father Furnok of Ferd was a well known adventurer of old who helped topple the first Temple of Elemental Evil 20 years ago. Furnok had amassed a vast wealth from hoarding, stealing, and from the kingdom of Furyondy for defeating the evil within the temple. with the wealth Furnok had amassed, he purchased land and opened his own tavern simply named; “The Silver Tongue”, named from the very same group he traveled with known as the Renegades of Silvertongue. Furnok had married Fiona Glasscock, who was the cousin of his former comrade Elmo Glasscock of the Renegades of Silvertongue.

Frogger did not know his mother for she had died during child birth. From what he knew of her, she had fair skin, crimson hair, whisky eyes and she could always keep his father in line. The only keepsake he has of hers is a ring his father gave her, the very same legendary ring of invisibility that had made him so wealthy and famous (but as far as anybody else knew it was all purely skill.)

After the death of his mother his Father had gone into a deep depression and sunk back into his old ways of gambling and debauchery. Froggers Uncle, Elmo, saw this and tried to get his old comrade back on the straight and narrow while attempting to helpl raise Frogger.
Raising Frogger and helping his comrade was all too much for Elmo and needed assistance. Another comrade started to help out with the raising of baby Frogger and this time it was Mythra Silvertongue, The founder of the Renegades of Silvertongue.

Neither Elmo nor Mythra had a clue what they were doing but it began to become as easier as time went on. Mythra being an elven sorceress was not fond of the appearance human babies and had changed his hair to a more elven green color in order to cope with him better, Elmo had thought it charming and Furnok in a drunken stupor had believed that his hair had always been green.

As Frogger got older he was taught literature and etiquette by Mythra, whom he affectionately called Auntie after awhile. His Uncle Elmo had taught him the basics of survival and how to handle a weapon. After awhile Furnok had attempted to raise his son and also taught him how to handle a weapon but had taught him other things such as thievery, greed, and looking out for ones self.

Frogger at the age of 20 had been regailed with stories of The Renegades of Silvertongues exploits of the years and decided to take to his own adventure in hopes that he could make a name for himself. Before embarking on his Adventure, Furnok had given his son his rapier and his dagger along with a small sum of gold to get started. His Uncle had given him his short sword and shortbow and pack of survival gear. Mythra had given him her love and asked only that he write to her about his adventures.

Frogger set off to a unknown port city and had a few odd jobs here and there. Most of the jobs entailed some sort of smuggling of goods to neighbouring towns or a bit of theft and very rarely the odd shake down type of work. It was the perfect start to his adventure. Frogger eventually was offered a job from some shady characters, shadier than the usual clients. He would be paid handsomely to smuggle some crates to another continent if he could aquire a ship and a crew within a certain time frame. Frogger had used his mothers ring to sneak aboard a pirates ship in order to sail off with it and it’s contents. He stained the sails green and dubbed his new ship “The Silver Renegade”. Now all Frogger needed was crew and he was set.

Frogger stopped in at a local tavern to find his first comrades and crew mates. There were all manner of people in the tavern but two caught his eye immediately. A coughing man and a incredibly loud man had been playing cards with what appeared to be the same pirates Frogger had stolen his ship from. Frogger sat in on the game. The stakes were if he lost he would give up his gold ring, if he won the two men would have to join his crew. Frogger cheated his way through (as his father had taught him) and had won himself a crew and the ire of the pirates. Before his crew introduced themselves Frogger interrupted and said “No names! I was always taught that names have power and to know someones true name is take away that power.” the men looked at each other quizically and asked Froggers name. They laughed and decided to play along. After a long debate about what their “names” should now be, such as “the adonis” or “the widow maker”, the men could not agree on what they should name themselves and had begun insulting each other on what their names should be. The ones I enjoyed the most were the ones that stuck. The coughing man had dubbed the loud man Croaker and in turn Croaker had dudbbed the coughing man Wheezy. Once everything was ready, Frogger had gone back to the shady character that he had spoken to earlier, accepted the smuggling job and began his true adventure.

Years went by and the smuggling business was decent. Frogger learned a lot about the sea and trade routes, visited many cities and towns, kept in contact with his Aunt Mythra whenever he could, eventually made Wheezy his first mate, and grew to enjoy poking fun at Croaker. One night on the sea the ship was set upon by the same pirates, it appeared that they had played cards with these particular ones years ago. During the attack, the ship had been damaged, and Wheezy had been badly injured and burnt. They had come for the ring that they thought Frogger had owed them. Unfortunately Frogger was outmatched and had his ring, along with the finger it was on, taken by the pirates and was left for dead in the open sea. Luckily Croaker had been hidden in the secret compartment below deck when the attack happened. Croaker came up deck to find his captain and first mate badly injured. He did his best to nurse Frogger and Wheezy back to health while repairing the ship as best he could. Croaker had learned a fair bit about healing injuries with what he could find and became quite handy around the ship.

They had eventually made it back to shore and were taken to a healer. Frogger had recovered but Wheezy had it the worst and was scarred badly from the burns which also in turn caused an even worse problem with his lungs. Frogger fell into a depression and had even seeked religion to help him through it. He had found one religion in perticular that he very much connected with while browsing through some books at the local library . That was the deity Mask, god of luck, fortune and pranks. Frogger became a very devout follower of Mask over the next 2 years, going as far as to have his gods symbol tattooed under his eye.

Depression had eventually passed and he now wanted an eye for an eye, or in this case a finger for a finger. Frogger promised to himself that he would find his mothers now stolen ring by pouring all his resources into finding it and then he would return home to tell the story of his grand adventures. He also promised Wheezy he would avenge what they did to him even if he would not do so. He would never forget that night, nor would he forget those black sails……


Tears of Chaos Konig Pythagasaurus