Tears of Chaos

Miscrients of Waterdeep

Tears and Masks and Fangs, OH MY!

Winter has come to Waterdeep. it’s been a long rough winter and very close to spring. the group has been taking refuse in the city and taking jobs at the claw and talon inn from the proprietor, a dwarf named Kurn. the party was formed from these jobs from beign stuck in the city. its dangerous weatherwise and creature wise outside the walls. catcher and a drow named yahvaluk met in the south. we met therein an elf druid and a dwarf paladin named cronos. yahvaluk and catcher keep identities hidden for personal reasons. we’ve come to find each other reliable from working so many jobs with each other.

just turning in a recent quest we ate and drank with kurn until there was a banging at the door.
kurn answered and was met with a smiling masked person with a tear on the mask. kurn had a conversation with them and we were left feeling uneasy.

early next morning kurns friend drennen was found dead outside in an alley just outside the doors. yahvaluk and catcher inspected the body and came to the conclusion it wasn’t a mugging but possibly a murder. Yahvaluk found out the masked group hung out at an inn called the birds feather and to search for someone named Treail. Yahvaluk and Catcher head to the inn and play a game of chess. treail has a red sun tattoo on neck and is accompanied by a drow woman. catcher followed some masked guy to a rundown building where a fire was started after a fight. the building was abandoned except for two painting which were stolen from catcher. catcher also fired a eldritch blast to signal where catcher was to the rest of the group.

Kurn is attacked and has his pendant stolen (one of the four pieces of a key to the now locked undercity.) kurn took us to an old cellar full of goblins where we found an ornate door with scratch marks. we then heard screams.

we found a garden of magical blue flowers and water with a statue of thereins god. we met a dryad named sil and she told us about Moria who had gone mad.

there was a fire and some painting were stolen, a carriage ride with some nice dwarves and a thunderous explosion of guards guts

investigated an inn and smacked around a kid named peter killed a maid made jerrick go insane and pass out then killed all the guards but three (one bled out eventually due to a case of rapier to the eye) we flipped the table so we didn’t get nailed by arrows from one side of the wall.

made a deal with the marshall named Berl and brought him jerrik. we were to investigate a black castle and stop this masked cult. yahvaluk was thrown in jail with jerrik in disguise as a white overprivilage thief. they were picked up by masked group then taken to a warehouse where everybody was having their minds invaded by some unknown voice then turned to paralyzed bodys. after the rest of the group followed yahvaluk to the warehouse they snuck in through a window finding twelve paralyzed people and secret room where peter and jerrik were. jerrik being in the process of becoming paralyzed. after defeating the cult memebers catcher kills jerrik slowly and invades peters mind for answers. after learning nothing catcher strips peter naked making the promise to return. the group finds a stone key to a door that leads down a corridor with magic torches. the group regroups at the inn for rest and equipment while catcher is compelled and intrigued to learn more of this magic for the one catcher made a pact with and proceeds to go down the stairs to investigate. 5 hours go by and finally makes it to the bottom where four statues on their knees with mouths open in each corner lie and a large ornate door with inscriptions of two planets colliding a dark hand coming from the sky.


Konig Pythagasaurus

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